Zahra Obarey – Psychic Readings And Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer

The practice of psychic medium and a clairvoyant spiritual healer is picking the energy of the person, reading the energy and receiving the messages from the spirits about the person/situation.

I am the second last born from ten children. I grew up in Kenya and moved to England with my husband and children in 2007. From a very young age, I knew I was a little unusual from not only my brothers and sisters but also other children around me. I knew I was different as I kept seeing and hearing things that other people could not. At the time, I did not know they were spirits. As the years went by I started predicting events that would occur in my friends and family’s lives. When these events started occurring I realised it was not a joke and I did in fact, have a special ability, I had a gift. As the years went by I finished school and college and continued to predict for family and friends and eventually got a job as a secretary in a bank. I quickly came to realise that this was not for me. I could do the job just fine, however, I knew it wasn’t the right path for me and I was not meant to be doing it. I quit my job and started to do readings/healings at home. 20 years later and I am still happy doing so.536961_580788065303434_1275040195_n

Ever wondered what it feels like to finally let something go? Well, now you can. I help both sexes but feel more drawn towards females, especially Asian women as I feel being an Asian woman myself, I can relate to certain issues/topics. I am trying to help women who feel they cannot discuss current issues past/present relating to themselves, friends, family around them, or even going through a rough period with their children. I also help individuals overcome a chapter in their lives and to find closure.

The services I offer do not require me to use any tools as I am a naturally gifted psychic medium and a clairvoyant spiritual healer.  I receive messages from spirits or loved ones from the client to pass onto them. I work from home and am based in South East London. Having over 20 years’ experience in psychic, clairvoyant and mediumship readings, and also healings has offered me the chance to help women via face to face readings, over the phone readings and also healings. By having all this experience I have come across some amazing women along the way and heard extraordinary stories about their lives. I have helped more people than I can count, and feel very proud to say I have. All this has made me very confident that I can be of help to you.

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