Work Life Balance – Being a Mum and Having a Career

Being a great mum and having a successful career. 

A long time ago, the world’s population had a different mindset when it came to issues regarding women  and careers.  Such as should women be allowed to work, a woman can’t lead a country, the home and kitchen is where a woman belongs, she has to take care of the family, etc.   In short, women were not valued beyond being homemakers and mothers.

Today women are vibrant voices in the world of politics or state leaders and  professionals in many fields. There are tremendous successes in whatever women lay their hands on/are in charge of. But, combining two great tasks (taking care of the home and pursuing their careers) has become more and more mum career 1consuming so trying to meet both can lead to conflict.

Many women take pride in what in what they do and their professional achievements, this is because their accomplishments play a vital role in how they wish to be identified and celebrated. Many women have testified that having a professional career makes every day hopeful and exciting.

There is a saying that sums up the predicament of many career women, and I quote “Success is getting what you want, and happiness is wanting what you get”. Apparently, this is evident in the sacrifices and choices women are forced to take to make ends meet; and get what they desire. For example, many stay up all night working so they could attend their son’s or daughter’s school or sports events.   Even though this has not been easy balancing both work and motherhood they still manage to do it.

The everyday sacrifices many women can make are tough.  Many have optioned to stay at home with their kids because their strength and ability outside the home is undervalued and overlooked while some stay at home because full-time motherhood and homemaker is the right choice for them.

Recent studies, according to the American Sociological Association revealed that women who go back to work few weeks after giving birth are less depressed and more energetic than mothers that stay at home. Another report states that stay at home mums are prone to stress, anger, worries and sadness than those who have a paying job while other reports have it that, working mums are happier mothers.

mum career 2Women are succeeding in their careers and managing to be the best parent and career ever, no matter how challenging the task, it’s no longer a question if women can be great at homemakers and be successful in their career – mums are both.

However, here are tips that help make a balance between the two (career and family.)

  • Create and Organize a Family Calendar
  • Communicate with Your Employer
  • Stay Connected with your children During the Day
  • Create Special Family Activities
  • Find Quality Childcare
  • Create Moments for Yourself
  • Spend time with your partner

Author: Asian Mums Network guest writer

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