What Are the Benefits Of Olive Oil?

Olive oil is  an amazing versatile oil if you know how to use it in your cooking. Olive oil is one of the healthier oils promoting a wholesome, nutritious lifestyle for you and your family. Here are the top tips you should know about olive oil.

  1. Olive oil can help you fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and lower your cholesterol .
  2. There are different kinds or grades of olive oil.  The hierarchy of olive oil starts with extra virgin at the top of the tree. Other grades of olive oil that are refined, use chemicals in their production. Stick to extra virgin olive oil. (Grades of olive oil)
  3. olive-oil-1329366Just because something says that it is extra virgin oil,  does not mean that it is – so be aware. Many studies of olive oil have found other vegetable oils mixed with olive oil. Check for the harvest date.
  4. As you become an expert in olive oil, you will see that it is possible for you to tell the quality of the olives based on the taste. There should be a smell of olives, your olive oil should taste fruity.  If there is a slight hint of vinegar or metallic, or a buttery taste at the back of your throat,  perhaps you should pass on this brand of olive oil.
  5. High quality extra virgin olive oil should be kept in a dark green bottle and kept away from the light. This is so no oxygen can get through and the quality is maintained.

You can use olive oil is so many dishes from salad dressing, baking cakes to even cooking healthier curries. Try dipping wholemeal spelt bread into your olive oil and adding a hint of salt and a few drops of balsamic vinegar or smearing it with tomato just like the Catalans. It’s so healthy and so versatile.  There is a reason that people have been using it in cooking and in other recipes for over 100 years, and it continues to be one of the most nutrient-rich foods out there for preventing disease and inflammation.

Fair Trade Olive Oil

UK-based social enterprise Zaytoun is a Fairtrade Global Trader  who won an Award for its work enabling olive oil producers in Palestine to sell their oil internationally.

The UK-based social enterprise Zaytoun won the Fairtrade Global Trader Award based on its “vision, courage and persistence” which enables olive oil producers in Palestine to sell their oil internationally and overcome restrictions resulting from conflict in the region.

“Fairtrade has transformed the lives of over 2,500 olive farming families, guaranteeing them the sale of their entire crop at a fair price. Our challenge now is to grow the demand for the olive oil to enable thousands more families to join the movement and reap the benefits of this sustainable ethical trade model.” Manal Ramadan, from Zaytoun :

Zaytoun works with small-scale cooperatives in the Palestine since 2004, when the price of oil had plummeted and many farmers had no access to global markets. By selling through Fairtrade, thousands of farmers and their families are able to access sustainable long-term contracts and gain a higher price for their oil. Zaytoun also supports these communities in other ways, such as by planting trees and organising trips for international visitors.

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