Ways to Calm Kids Down Before Bedtime

Three Ways to Calm Kids Down Before Bedtime

It’s been a long day and you’re looking forward to enjoying an hour or so of peace and quiet once the kids go to shutterstock_230224831bed. Unfortunately, the kids are still running a million miles a minute and going to sleep is the last the thing on their minds – and so begins the epic battle that is bedtime. But bedtime doesn’t have to be a battle – try incorporating these five calming solutions into your evening routine for a much better, and calmer, bedtime experience.

Have a Nightly Bedtime Chat

18639746_lSometimes kids find it hard to settle down and go to sleep because they have a lot on their minds. It could be that the events of the day are running excitedly through their minds, or there could be something that they are worried about. To help them unload all of these thoughts, schedule a nightly bedtime chat with your kids. Have the chat while they are feeling calm and relaxed, such as while the two of you lie in bed together for a few minutes with the light dim. Encourage your child to tell you about his day and any worries that he may have. Having these nightly chats can allow your child to go to sleep fe3116461_leling reassured about any fears or worries he may have, and it is a great bonding opportunity for the two of you.

Encourage a More Relaxing Bath Time Routine

A warm bath can be relaxing and soothing, but throw a tub full of toys into the mix and it just tends to add to your child’s excitement. Try cutting back on the bath toys and adding some lavender scented bubbles to your child’s bath water. Encourage your child to lay back in the water and relax during bath time. You can also try playing some soothing music while he relaxes in the tub to further calm him down.

Turn Off the TV an Hour Before Bedtime

shutterstock_219753499Watching television before bed is a regular habit in many households, but studies show that watching T.V., playing a tablet, or using the computer in the hour before going to bed makes it harder to fall asleep. Turn the T.V. off and incorporate quiet playtime before bed such as doing a puzzle, coloring, or reading. You can also try doing some exercise with your kids before bed, such as taking a relaxing stroll to help them unwind and burn off excess energy.

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