US TV Host’s Rant Against Barack Obama’s Policy On Radical Islam Goes Viral

“Tomi Lahren slams President Obama’s “half-baked” strategies against terrorism as she refers to the recent killing of four marines on US soil”

A US TV host has become an online sensation after going on a two-minute rant against President Obama’s “tip-toe” efforts in the fight against terrorism.

Tomi Lahren, host of One America News Network’ s On Point with Tomi Lahren, delivers a punchy speech calling out Obama’s apparently misguided priorities — from climate change and wage inequality, to “white racism” and more.

She leads the comments with reference to the fatal shooting of four US marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday in a suspected act of terrorism.

Lahren, who herself comes from a family of marines, said: “Radical Islam is becoming the rule not the exception – yesterday’s moderate is today’s terrorist.

“I’ve had it with this failed strategy – this half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be-friendly-to-jihadis-mentality pushed by this administration.”

Lahren is seen thrusting her cue sheet off the table in visible frustration at the end of the programme.




Written by Charlotte Krol




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