Understanding Internet Slang: A Guide for Parents

Netspeak, or also popularly known as internet slang, refers to the way people speak when they communicate with each other in the online world. For parents, it is important to have an understanding of internet slang, not only for them to be able to communicate effectively in the modern times, but also to be able to understand how children talk to each other. Taking a look at the Facebook page of your child and seeing unfamiliar language can make you lost in translation. With the right knowledge on the internet slangs, on the other hand, you will know what your child is up to and can give appropriate warning or advice when necessary. Keep on reading and learn more about the slangs commonly used online.12695013_952488601453582_177889819205030468_o

When There Is No Need to Worry

When you speak of internet slang, a lot of parents may instantly assume that it is used by children to communicate with each other because they are hiding something. In reality, however, it is just a natural product of communication evolution. The following are some of the internet slangs that are used by kids that should not give you any worry:

• LOL (Laugh Out Loud): This is used when children laugh at a joke or simply for an expression of laughter.
• LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off): Another slang for laughter
• BRB (Be Right Back): Often used in chat when one has to do something and can no longer continue talking for the time being
• BFF (Best Friends Forever): Commonly used by girls to address their best friends12716024_952488201453622_5789892602533403154_o
• IMO (In My Opinion): Used prior to expressing one’s opinion about a certain subject
• TTYL (Talk To You Later): Used in chats or messenger when one cannot talk in the present

 When There Is a Need to Be Worried

Watch out for the following internet slangs as they are often times warning signs that your child is doing something questionable:

12697322_952400431462399_8737751760632692486_o• GNOC (Get Naked on Cam): Used to ask someone to put on a sensual show on camera
• NIFOC (Naked In Front Of Computer): Like the abovementioned slang, this is used to ask someone to get stripped and put on a show
• PAW (Parents Are Watching): When parents are around, and children cannot do anything mischievous
• PRON (Porn): Simply a play with letters, often typed so that others won’t know that kids are talking about porn
• TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me): Used when chatting with each other and when there is desire to have conversations with a sexual content
• CD9 (Code 9): Used to tell a friend that parents are around the house, which can be a sign that they cannot do anythiDesign JPEGng naughty
• 420 (Marijuana): Used when kids talk about weed


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