Turning 30: The Asian Edition Part II

30 part 2Yesterday we featured a list based on Pamela Redmond Satran’s 2007 article in Glamour Magazine titled “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Know by the Time She’s 30”. Read Part I here. The remainder of the list covering everything every Asian woman should know by 30 is as follows:

Things Every Woman Should Know by the time She’s 30:

  1. How to give herself a pin-straight blow-dry and create perfect corkscrew curls using only a flat iron.
  2. How she feels about the prospect of marriage, kids and living with her in-laws.
  3. That flawlessly fusing her desi values with British culture is important to maintaining who she is.
  4. How to live without being surrounded by family (even if only with non-blood related housemates).
  5. How to achieve the perfect winged eye and what her actual foundation shade is.
  6. Where she stands on religion.
  7. That being South Asian means she is blessed with beauty and brains and not to waste them on silly things.
  8. How to bargain for a good deal.
  9. That her skin is beautiful even without whitening creams and that desi-black hair turns brassy when treated with bleach.
  10. That her parents gave her everything and can (still) take it all away.
  11. How to handle a rishta with grace—regardless of her feelings towards the custom.
  12. How to speak her mind without being rude or arrogant.
  13. Where to go—her mom’s kitchen table or to a yoga studio—when her soul needs soothing.
  14. That Bollywood films are not real.
  15. Why they say life begins at 30 (I left this one as is being a universal truth).
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