Will Going To A Top University Guarantee Me A Job?

Does attending a top university guarantee you a job when you graduate?

Take a closer look at the question and ask yourself if you went to a top/leading university in the United Kingdom or the United States, would you say, you have a chance of getting a job faster and stress-free than other individuals?

To me, this cannot guarantee a secure job at all, not even a degree of any kind can guarantee such. I hope you will agree with me?

The term “top university” will be perceived differently by different people. For example, If I’m asked what It means, I will tell you a top school in any country Is an 10754866_leducation centre with a high reputation that everyone expects that any student from such facility should be the best. To another individual, a top university might be the oldest or premiere university in such country, and that’s it, different views and ideas.

Securing a job takes many forms, some employers or recruiters pay attention to the educational facilities you graduated. Some even have highlighted or say made a list of universities they are willing to recruit from each year. Sometimes depending on the entry requirement of the named top schools, employers make use of this as a great dictator of who is getting employed and who is not/ which grads has an edge over others. Honestly, some employers don’t care where you graduated from as long as you have the skills they want. Some have even liaised with universities taking courses about their field.

Who doesn’t want to attend the best school? But conditions sometimes make this impossible. But not to worry, because no university is the best. The best for you could be the facility that offers what you enjoy practising and learning. The top universities have their names all over, and it shouldn’t surprise you that many big organisations prefer them to new universities. The newer ones, on the other hand, have reliable connections with employers.

Your educationAny job is a good job as long as it pays as much as expected and you are happy and fulfilled doing it,  so get your mind off you won’t get a good job if you don’t go to a top university, the truth is not all graduates from these universities secure a good job at the end. Your focus should be, working on your chances of getting a job. Research has shown that students with one-year working experience during their course of their stay at school have an upper hand than those without work experience. The good news is, if you are with a degree without a year work experience, there is an opportunity of arranging for a working experience independently.

Author: Asian Mums Network guest writer

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