Top Countries to Live in Europe

Apart from the affordable cost of living, Europe is also a place for impressive architectural structure, diverse culture, spectacular public transport system and an active economy. In case you are recently contemplating about relocating to Europe, here are some of the recommendations of the experts.

Best Place to Live in Europe


Brussels, Belgium is one of the most ideal places for the expats. It is located in the heart of the EU and also referred to as the best connected European City. The railing system found in this country is basically linked to the different countries in the European continent and also to the city of London. Their transportation system makes it easy for everyone to reach the essential facilities such as hospitals, shops, and schools. Unfortunately, with their impressive system of transportation also comes the high level of pollution and traffic congestion.


If anyone is planning to relocate to a European Country that offers an impeccable educational system, Netherland is definitely the place to go to. The schools found in Amsterdam are among the top international schools that are located in Europe. Unfortunately, the housing facility in the heart of the city is fairly limited, and the pollution is also high in the area.


Denmark belongs to the list of the most expensive city to live in Europe. But Denmark, particularly Copenhagen, also have something to offer to the expats such as world class restaurants. Based on the study, it is also one of the places in Europe that offer outstanding public services such as medical and educational system.  People in Denmark also loves to ride the bike rather than take the public transportation which means that the pollution in the area is not that significant compared to the above-mentioned location.


Switzerland is where you will find the city of Bern, one of the world’s safest cities. With the expansive shopping centre that measures around 6 kilometers, the Bern is also the perfect place where you will be able to find anything you need. When it comes to an active nightlife, you will not be able to find it in this place. In the event that you appreciate a serene location, you will definitely love the tranquillity offered by Switzerland.


Aside from the stunning cathedral, opera house, the architecture, the local culture also promises a vibrant experience. Germany also has a great medical service and also one of the energetic European economies.


Spain has a rich history and a very diverse landscape. It’s super cheap at the moment to buy property and has stunning coastlines including the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Cantabric Oceans. It was once home to three faiths, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

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