The 10 Best Gifts For a Baby Shower

5882699_lWho doesn’t want to make a good impression and do right by the mum-to-be when we are invited to a baby shower, but coming up with the ideal gift can be hard to do. The next time you are invited to a shower, keep these 12 favorite baby gifts in mind.

A Gift CardEveryone appreciates a gift card, allowing them to pick out what they still need after all the gifts have been tallied. You should never feel guilty about giving a gift card instead of a “real” gift – moms actually love to get them and in some cases prefer it!

BeddingWhether it be extra crib sheets, warm baby blankets, or an entire crib set – new mums love to receive bedding as gifts and one can never have too many sheets and blankets, especially with all the middle of the night sheet changes that are going to be necessary, in the first couple of years.

NappiesNappies are always an appreciated and practical gift, and a nappy cake can make a great centerpiece for any shower. Many people will probably give the mum-to-be newborn nappies, so consider giving her some of the larger sizes in order to extend the time when she will have to begin buying them.

BooksBringing a new baby home, especially as a first-time mum, can be pretty scary. Being prepared can help make the transition easier, so consider giving a new mum parenting book 35721652_las a baby shower gift. Books such as Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual and The new Parents’ Survival Guide contain a wealth of helpful information and can help answer any questions she may have.

Nappy Changing Bag Any new mum would be thrilled to receive stylish changing bag, and you can even go the extra mile and pre-stock it with supplies such as nappies, nappy cream, and bibs.

Baby Care KitBaby care kits can be fairly inexpensive and provide vital items that new mums will need in the grooming and care of their baby. The average kit contains a nasal aspirator, brush, comb, nail clippers, and toothbrush.

ThermometerThis is another inexpensive, yet thoroughly appreciated, gift – and an item that many new mums do not think of needing until that dreaded day when something goes wrong. A thermometer made for babies, such as one that goes in the ear, makes a perfect baby shower gift.

Baby BookA first-year baby book can be a great way for a new mum to track her baby’s milestones and memories throughout his first year, and makes for a very special and heartwarming gift. You can go even further and purchase a five-year baby book so the mum can record even more precious memories.cake-1617619-1599x1066

Bath SetFor a very practical and useful gift, consider making a bath set gift “basket”, by purchasing a baby tub and filling it with baby shampoo, baby soap, and baby wash cloths.

Hooded TowelsHooded towels make great gifts, and every baby loves to be warmly cocooned in a soft hooded towel after bath time. With so many cute options to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

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