Syrian Refugee Crisis, Mustapha’s Story

Read Mustapha’s Story in his words, 13 years old

I keep thinking what is going to happen to us. If we arrive what will happened.  This is what we are worried about. We were always afraid. There was always war where we lived.  Now that it’s happened, we know what war is. Now we know.

Men were taken against their will. They would have made my brothers go with them by force. Who would work, if my brothers had to go with them? We would be left without money or anything. We were living well with each other, but now it’s all destroyed. Each one of us is in a different place. In the boat, they told us you have to throw away your bags. You cannot take anything. I wasn’t seeing anything. I was sitting in the middle.  The guys would say “a wave is coming” They said the coastguard would come and tear the boat and we would fall in the water and die. That’s what I Factograph 6thought of. Then the wave did come and thank god nothing happened.

We have been walking since yesterday morning until now, around 50km. I had some toys that I loved, but I couldn’t bring them with me. If God protects Syria and we go back, I would play with them again. After this, we will take the papers and go to Athens and then to Germany to start a new life.

If Syria is rebuilt we will go back for sure. We will go to school and re-establish our lives. I miss my friends but what can I do? And here I don’t understand the language or anything. Who will I make friends with? There is no one.

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