Sustainable Fashion: Become Ethical and Environmentally Conscious

The main goal in the Sustainable Fashion industry, is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

The fashion industry has always been an industry known for its rapid reproduction, waste and constant innovation. Moreover, reports show that the textile industry is responsible for more greenhouse gasses than both the airlines industry and shipping sectors altogether.

However, recently, an increasing number of companies have begun to grasp more eco-friendly methodologies. By erasing the toxic chemicals they use in their dyes or using recycled materials in their designs, Sustainable Fashion brands are doing their part and collaborating to save the world.

Sustainable Fashion, meaning:

Every new article of clothing produced should follow the process below:

(1) In high quality and timeless design.

(2) In an environmentally friendly manner.

(3) With consideration to various ethical aspects

(4) Consequently, it should be used long and well through good care, repair and perhaps redesign.

(5) When the product is no longer desired, it should be handed in to a secondhand shop, donated to charity or handed over to friends, relatives or perhaps a swap-shop.



  • Touch the material, it’s always in the fabric

The best way to judge a fabric, knit or woven, is to touch it.  A fabric doesn’t necessarily need to be heavy to be good. What you’re looking for is density.

  • Look at the bonds inside and outside 

Fabric, of course, isn’t the only element that matters. It’s important to check the seams holding the garment together. The stitches should be even, closely spaced, and lying flat on the fabric.

  • Watch for cut corners

Signs revealing poor quality aren’t always easy to spot, because they’re often the result of steps that were skipped. For instance, one of the best way to construct a crotch seam would be to use two stitches of different lengths, one run over top of the other

  • Good quality will probably cost you

Cheap clothes are cheap for a reason. The two biggest costs of making an article of clothing are the fabric and the labor. To get the price down, you push one or both of those down. Manufacturers also reduce costs in dishonest ways, such as by using cheap thread that can break under moderate stress. Therefore, the truth is that if you want good quality, you’ll most likely have to pay for it.

  • Wear it as long as you can

Ask yourself how much you’ll wear that item of clothing you’re thinking of buying. Then take a few minutes to really feel and look at the fabric, to check out the seams, and to see if you think it’ll be something you hand down to your friends, children or soon send to the landfill.


Everywhere we look, Sustainable Fashion brands are developing and showing the brand purpose that their customers and community wants to see. The main features that Sustainable Fashion brands have, are:

  • They Give Something Back: Sustainable fashion brands are willing to share their profits with a cause that they and their customers care about, paving the way for consumer affinity.
  • They Recycle: Ethical clothing is made out of recycled materials, to reduce the energy consumption required when using raw materials. Some companies embrace a “closed loop” manufacturing system in order to minimise waste.
  • They’re Eco-Conscious: Sustainable clothing brands are actively committed to limiting the impact they have on the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.
  • They Empower Their Economy: Generally, sustainable companies don’t just look after the planet. These organisations care about people too and show that in their ethical payment strategies and economic investments.
  • They’re Honest: Sustainable fashion designers are straight forward in everything they do. They’re happy to explain how they source their clothing and prove their commitment to the environment.


Some Ethical and Environmentally Clothing conscious brands on a budget are:

  1. Everlane
  2. PACT
  3. thredUP
  4. ABLE
  5. Alternative Apparel
  6. Thought Clothing
  7. People Tree
  8. Kotn
  9. Outdoor Voices
  10. Krochet Kids Intl.

Some Ethical and Environmentally Fitness conscious brands that make the earth a better place are:

  1. Patagonia
  2. Cotopaxi
  3. Clif Bar & Company
  4. Columbia Sportswear Company
  5. The North Face
  6. Osprey
  7. REI
  8. New Balance
  9. Flow Water



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