Summer Swimming Safety Tips for Children

Swimming season is here – the time of year loved by millions of people across the world. To young people this may mean going to the 23228258_lbeach,  a swimming pool, the local canal or waterways to get away from the exhausting summer heat. However, there are many potential hazards and threats that face young people while playing around water or swimming unsupervised . This is why it’s our responsibility as parents to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure that our children are safe and sound throughout summer season.

Floatation Devices Are a Must

This is without a doubt one of the general rules of thumb. If your child can’t swim, you have to equip him with the right floatation devices, regardless if he’s at the beach, a swimming pool, pond, canal or waterway. This is an absolute must, and you must make sure that your child does not enter the water without the necessary safety accessories and precautions. This is in case your child can’t swim, of course. However, if they can, this doesn’t mean that the water doesn’t pose any threats – just the opposite. That’s why you must make sure that constant oversight is provided be it by you or by the lifeguard.

Ensure Plenty of Fluids10591405_l

The majority of people tend to believe that the only danger that’s going to be threatening their children on the beach is related to swimming. However, the heat is without a doubt one of the factors that you also have to consider. The truth is that summer heat is exhausting, and it’s capable of causing severe complications. This is why you need to make sure that your child is wearing a hat. Furthermore, you shouldn’t think that if he or she is in the water, this is protecting him of the sun. The truth is that the water is actually going to amplify the negative effect of powerful sunlight, and it’s capable of posing, even more, sever health hazards.

Constant Supervision is Key

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen the local canal, a swimming pool, waterway or an exotic beach,2917286_l the hazard that water and high temperatures can cause is real and ever-present. If you want to make sure that you have a great vacation free of any complications, you must take the necessary precautions for your kids. Avoid going into unfamiliar waters, test the water temperature and make sure that you are ensuring constant supervision of your kid – this is the best way to spend the summer and to ensure a great vacation.


“There are plenty of ways to enjoy the waterways safely, from picnics and wildlife walks to joining canoeing clubs and just watching the boats go by.

“If anyone wants to go swimming we would suggest they choose somewhere suitable, such as a swimming pool or lido. British Waterways urges adults to make sure young children are supervised close to water, and we encourage people to stay away from the edge.”


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