Should Kids Be Allowed to Use Facebook?

Facebook has regulations that only allow those 13  years old and above to have a Facebook page, however, many kids are gaining access by simply misrepresenting  their age, but is this a good thing? Should Facebook introduce parental permission before allowing kids to sign up?

As a parent, you want to encourage your children to be sociable and friendly with those their own age. Because the internet has opened up an entirely new way of communicating with friends and family, this may mean your children’s peers are all on Facebook.  But it might not be the best idea for them to get their own page as well, here’s why.45701262_l

Open the Door to Predators

No matter how hard we try to protect our children from harm, we can’t protect them from everything. How can you protect them from someone who may befriend them and have access to communicating with your child within your own home? Facebook while great for older kids and adults may not be suitable for a younger crowd. This could potentially be opening the door to predators who target young people. Teaching children about stranger danger begins in the home with family chats about how to sensibly use social media and keeping safe from harm.

Cyber Bullying

If you child is the victim of bullying then Facebook and other forms of social media are regularly used by bullies to harass their victims. By allowing younger children to use Facebook, bullies can target children even the confines of their own home.  Home should be a safe haven away from any harm.

Inappropriate Language and Information

Eventually, with the right guidance and education, your child could be ready learn about the world and navigate their way through any potential dangers that social media may pose.  Facebook is a platform where anything goes, as much as they Facebook tries to regulate the content, there is still inappropriate language, images, and videos being shared on the Facebook platform that can be upsetting and inappropriate for young people.


While allowing your child to socialise is a great thing, opening the door to a world they are not yet mature enough for could be harmful. By creating regulations on what age is appropriate for a Facebook account, it’s sending a clear message to parents that they should monitor their child’s social media interaction and definitely have that essential chat about the dos and the don’ts.

Unfortunately, until Facebook has discovered a way to ensure that all young people that are signed up to Facebook are of an appropriate age, more regulations to protect young eyes and ears may need to go into play to ensure all children are not subjected to adult material.

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