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School Summer Holidays Reduced To Just Four Weeks

So… here we all are. Six (or maybe even seven) glorious long weeks of school summer holidays. It’s what we all look forward to – isn’t it?

Not according to some parents who asked their kids’ schools to reduce the long summer break to just four weeks.

And to their surprise, the schools agreed.

Two Linconshire primary schools have become the first in England to reduce the summer break to just four weeks, based on requests from parents who were asked to give feedback about the length of the end of year holiday.

According to reports – many felt their children got bored during the summer holidays and they felt shorter holidays would give families the chance to take children on holidays during off-peak times and a shorter summer break would also ease pressure on childcare.

White’s Wood and Mercer Wood primary schools (both part of the Tall Oaks Academy Trust) are now setting a four-week summer break and are the first to abandon the traditional long summer break. Instead the extra weeks of holiday will be added to school terms in September, November and May.

Sharon Close, executive principal at Tall Oaks Academy Trust, told the BBC:

“It’s a big break and parents are telling us that, after four weeks, they would like their children to come into school, so we are responding to that.”




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