Scary Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites where people can freely share their opinion regarding anything.  A huge percentage of the twitter community belongs to th41862079_le younger audience.  Probably they are thrilled to join the site since their favourite artist or celebrity is also using the platform.  Teens are using this online networking site like their life is depending on it.  For this sole reason, parents need to be aware of the risks and dangers of allowing their kids to use this micro-blogging site.  Here are some of them.

5 Risks That the Child Is Exposed with When Joining Twitter

It Affects the Brain Development

Based on the study of the experts, social media sites such as twitter can affect the development of your child’s brain.  Constant exposure with online networking site can limit the attention span of your kids.  Some teachers also testified that their students are finding it hard to easily understand simple things and also to understand the others.  Associations of psychologists even pointed out the fact that37758223_l those who have poor socialisation skills have a high amount of activity on these online sites.

It Takes Too Much Time

If you have a twitter account, then you probably know how it takes too much of your time.  You opened your account and said to yourself that you will probably just check a few tweets and then you’re off.  You saw the trending topic and decided to share your insight, people shared your tweet, and you received some tweets, replied on some of them and before you know it, you are spending too much time on this social media platform.  That is the same thing that your kids are experiencing.  They spend too much time on this social media site and in return they neglect some of the most important thing in their life as a child.

Location, Date and other information45701262_l

Anyone can follow you on twitter especially if you are not set to a private account.  And with this social media platform, it is basically useless to put your account in private.  One of the risks in using this account is you is putting yourself into some level of “stranger danger”.  A stranger can see your location, date and other information that is crucial to track you.  In fact, according to the record of the authority, most of the law offenders and criminals are now using social media sites to find their victims.  So when you are posting something on your twitter page, make sure to be cautious about it.

Bullying and Trolling

Another “stranger danger” that your child is exposed with would be Bullying.  A lot of trolls and bullies can be found online hoping to seek attention and to inflict pain and suffering to their target.  Be sure to have an access to your child’s twitter handle so you can check if he/she is being a target of cyber bullies and trolls.

Terrorist Groups Are Using Twitter6306584_l

Terrorist groups, radicalisers and  groomers harness the power of the social media sites because of its immense scale.  The militant radicalisation is being spread throughout the online world by these terrorist groups by posting fearful and misleading content to rouse fear as well as to propagate their extremist propaganda.  They are also using this as a mean of finding new recruits.  Twitter highly recognised these, and they are taking action to ban these accounts; however, it is just as easy for them to create a new account after they have been banned from a social media site.   According to the statistics, the total amount of Pro ISIS Followers amounts to 35,000.image-1

These are all kinds of  risks that your child is exposed to when they join social media platforms such as Twitter.  Be sure to warn  and educate them about these risks when you allow them to join the online community.

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