Child Labour – Nepal, Sapana’s Story.

Sapana, 13 years old, her story

“My father always made me feel very unworthy, I had to show my worth by leaving school to earn money,” says Sapana. Sapana was 13 as she worked in a carpet factory in Kathmandu, labouring 16 hours a day in brutal conditions. When Nepal was struck by an earthquake in 2015, Sapanathe factory collapsed and escape seemed easy.

Befriended by a man who said there were hotel jobs on the Nepal-India border, Sapana went with him. It was only upon arriving at the border did the reality of the situation dawn on her. “I was about to make a horrible mistake due to my desperate situation.” Rescued by a team of border monitors, Sapana was then able to help rescue other underage workers “I nearly fell into a trap. But at least, I and my friend are safe now. That makes me happy.”

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