Pregnancy: ‘Tis a Blessing and a Curse

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences that a woman can have in her life. Women who have had the privilege of carrying and bearing children understand this completely. The ability to conceive a and carry a child as it develops into a fully functioning individual is one of life’s greatest miracles. For all the blessings of your pregnancy it is not, however, without its struggles.

The most obvious blessing of pregnancy is the promise of a new life. There is nothing more special than seeing a new child brought into this world and women are the ones that get to provide the perfect environment for the unborn child to safely grow. Pregnancy allows a woman to share months of intimacy with her baby and it is said that your child or children are the only ones to ever hear your heartbeat from the inside. What a special time of bonding.24666669 - portrait of a smiling, pregnant east indian woman sitting with her daughter

There are other enjoyable blessings of pregnancy experienced by most women. As a pregnant woman, you are adored and cared for. Suddenly doors are being opened, heavy things are being lifted and great meals are being prepared for you. Few seasons in life will offer these kinds of gifts, so take full advantage of the attention people give you during your pregnancy.

Because the other side of the coin can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. You are large, you are tired and you have to pee a lot. Everything hurts and nothing moves like it is supposed to. You’re angry, happy and sad, often at the same time. Physically and emotionally your body is going through a world of changes you never thought possible.

And it doesn’t end at pregnancy. You have to experience labor and delivery and then there’s the adjustment period where you have to figure out very quickly how to care for a newborn child. Your mothering instincts will kick in but you will always have doubts. Your mother will tell you one thing, your friend another and then social media always has something to say about child-rearing. You won’t sleep and suddenly functioning on only a few hours of rest will become commonplace.

But it will get better and the joy and love you feel for your child will trump the difficulties. The pay-off of having that sweet little creature in your life will last a lifetime.

Being pregnant is only a small part of creating a new life, which is why it is so important to embrace the joys of being pregnant. Never feeling guilty about basking in those blessings. You are making a human being, you are creating life, so you deserve it.

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