Indali Lounge: N.1 Healthiest Indian Restaurant In The UK

Where: Baker Street

Cuisine: Indian (Healthy)

Swank Levels: Beyond swanky. This is evident from the moment you see the exterior. It stands on what is a rather bland Baker Street and Indali Lounge definately stands out from the crowd.

Using purple and blue hues on the inside and out the design of this restaurant is amazing. As you walk through the entrance you are greeted by a waiter who will direct you to either the stylish bar, or the cosy eating area. Both sections are designed well producing the perfect combination of comfort and class.

Despite this minimalist, chic styling, the restaurant doesn’t lose its Indian upbringing; single but striking ornaments save it from becoming a bland characterless space.

Would I want Seconds?
Indali Lounge serves up healthy Indian food; curries that haven’t been ladled with oil, naan bread that isn’t dripping in butter and desserts which aren’t soaked in sugary syrup. Although some people may think these are the best bits, the dishes in Indali are not void of flavour and the lack of calories is not noticeable at all. The fact that they use no butter, ghee or cream mean that you can eat this Indian food will a clear conscience.

Could I afford Seconds?
Yes, as the prices are not high for the ambiance and quality of service. However you could order even more if you go for their offers which are always good value. For example they offer a Business Buffet lunch, where 6 dishes are available for £8.90

I would recommend Indali and return here for dinner or drinks. The interior, layout, ambiance and style of the restaurant is superior to that I have seen at many Michelin style restaurants. The service and food is also spot on and worth the price.
So for an impressive setting and a twist on the standard Indian curry, try Indali Lounge.

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