My Mum’s Kitchari – Healthy Asian Comfort Food

There are many mixed rice dishes eaten by people throughout the world.  The Korean Bibimbap, Indian biryani, Spanish Paella, Jambalaya, Italian Risotto, Spanish rice, Arroz con Pollo, Turkish pilaf and Chinese fried rice to name a few of the popular rice dishes around the world!

6530859_lKedgeree or Kitchari is a rice dish that is popular in Indian cookery and in the United Kingdom. It’s definitely a comfort food and my Mum has her version that she learned from her mother and her aunts.

It’s so delicious and easy. This recipe will serve at least 10 people.


2 large onions chopped fine9672273_l
3 tablespoons Olive oil and  4 oz butter
Half kilo rice basmati 3 cups
One and a half cups mung dhal
8 cups water
1 vegetable or chicken stock cube
5 Bay leaves
5 star aniseeds
2 tablespoons salt
10 cardamoms
2 tablespoons Ginger cut fine



Wash and soak the rice and dhal for 30 minutes in a medium sized pan.
Put in the oil and butter in the pan
Let the onions cook in the oil for 5 minutes till golden
Add the ginger25973819_l
Add the spices
Put the water in the pan let it boil.
Add the stock cube and salt
Add the rice and lentils and bring to the boil for 10 minutes
Let it cook on a low heat  with the lid on till the water is all soaked and the rice and lentils are fluffy.

Serve with  an omelette,fried aubergine, tandoori chicken or fried chicken and a side salad.


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