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Education is never far from the attention of the media and we are constantly being told that grades are dropping, students aren’t performing as well as their international counter-parts, and that we need to do more.

The question as to whether or not more grammar schools are about to appear has also caused a sense of unease.

It is no surprise then, that parents are increasingly seeking help outside of school with their children’s studies.

Kumon Educational is the leading supplementary education provider in the UK & Ireland, with over 70,000 students studying at more than 650 study centres, but what does it offer?

The programmes are worksheet based and put the onus on the child to take their learning into their own hands and study independently, every day.

Originating in Japan in the 1950s the worksheets were developed by a high-school maths teacher, Toru Kumon, who discovered his son Takeshi was struggling at school. Toru Kumon began to write worksheets for Takeshi to complete each day to plug the gaps in his learning and help him catch up.

Soon other parents in the neighbourhood were asking Mr Kumon to do the same for their children.

Over 60 years later the worksheets have been honed and refined to ensure students are able to gradually progress through the programmes at their own pace. The maths programme takes students from basic counting to calculus, and the English programme culminates in the critique of advanced-level literature and encourages children to broaden their reading habits with a wide-ranging recommended reading list.

Students begin the programmes at a level which is appropriate for them, rather than a level determined by their age, and are not moved on until they have fully grasped each topic.

Kumon Wembley Central student Ashna Patel began studying both maths and English with Kumon when she was four. Having just achieved an A* in her maths GCSE and IGCSE, aged 13, she said:

The Kumon programmes are much more than simply learning maths and English. The repetition involved helped ensure I mastered each concept before moving onto the next, and improved my speed and accuracy which was very useful when I had to complete my exam papers. The progression through the programmes at my own pace helped me to develop in confidence, and encouraged me to always try my best. Really the benefits I experienced thanks to Kumon are endless!”

16-year-old Cameron Stiles studied both the Kumon Maths and English Programmes in Acocks Green and was delighted with his GCSE results this year, achieving grades A*-C across 12 subjects including an A in maths and B in English.

Cameron said: “Kumon first helped me get into the Grammar school I wanted to go to, as it really helped me with the 11+ exams. I think that Kumon helped me to achieve the GCSE results I wanted as, through my Kumon studies, I have developed good study habits which meant I was able to focus on my revision.”

For more information about the Kumon Programmes, visit kumon.co.uk. Until 20 November you could benefit from a two-week Free Trial and find what your child could achieve.

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