Join the Internet Safety Campaign for Mums

Cyber Safe Zone and Alhambra Women’s Network – Internet Safety Awareness project launched this year – 2018. We want to make mums, grandmothers and women from as many communities as possible, social media and tech-savvy.

Women and parents are increasingly being left out in the digital world our children navigate this world like internet natives.

The internet and mobile technology is an amazing invention but it has a dark side that can expose our children to harm so we need to keep one step ahead of the game.

Take the Internet Safety Survey here!

Watch out for our consultations and training events.  If you want to participate, email: or

Tel: 07894979656

Why are we asking you to fill out this survey?

  • This survey is designed to help us understand the challenges that parents and family members face when it comes to online safety in the home.
  • The information you provide will inform our future projects.

*All the information you provide will remain anonymous.

Don’t forget!

Savvy Digital Skills for women’s organisations



Canvas Cafe London 

42 Hanbury Street

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19th June 2018

1 pm to 4 pm

Tel: 07894979656

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