Introducing Asian Spices to your Child’s Diet

Perhaps to most stressful rite of passage for you as a mother is introducing solid food into your baby’s diet. It’s fraught with the fear of causing allergic reactions or other adverse health effects. Adding Asian spices into the mix could spell a recipe for disaster—pardon the pun. Nerves can tend to get the best of most mothers, but what many first-timers may not realize is the resilience of their baby’s digestive tract.

When introducing spices into baby’s diet, new mothers should not be nervous. Spices have a good deal of health benefits and being natural, should not result in an adverse reaction. Be sure to implement the “four-day-rule” when introducing new spices just like other everyday foods.

When introducing a new flavour, a toddler or infant may reject it at first. But if you try the spice in the morning and then reintroduce it later in the day or the following day your child will have acquired it; their taste buds will soon expect it!

When introducing new flavours, it’s recommended to begin with the most mild—cardamom, ginger—and working your way up to the pungent ones—turmeric, chili powder. The later will probably not come into play before your toddler enters childhood, but the former category is kosher to introduce as soon as your child is consuming solid foods. Add a dash of it in yogurt and other semi-solid foods; your child will thank you for thinking outside the bottle.

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