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Do you have an inspirational immigration story to tell? Perhaps about your parents or grandparents. Did you emigrate at any point in your life to another country or are you a first, second or even third generation immigrant living in the UK today?

Asian Mums Network wants to share your story with the world and celebrate what it is to be an immigrant.

Recent political events have put the topic of immigration at the centre of a hot political, social and economic debate. Britain has a proud history of immigration, yet the results of the EU referendum have unleashed an unprecedented level of hate crime against people of all kinds of nationalities and ethnic origins.

Immigration in the UK has attracted the passionate, the innovative, the brightest and the best from all over the world, which has resulted in a strong, resilient nation that prides itself on its diversity. The UK also has a legacy of protecting those who have been forced to flee their countries due to political turmoil.

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Four hundred British citizens emigrate every day; 1.3 million university graduates go overseas to fill skills shortages in other countries because we are a fluid global economy.  As a nation that has thrived due to the economic migration of skilled workers, we must not forget the millions of Britain around the world are also using their skills and abilities to help other countries flourish.

Despite the present situation, we find ourself in we want to celebrate what unites us and make a stance against hate and intolerance.

We would like to hear your immigration/emigration stories past and present.

Immigrant Stories – E-book Project is a non-political platform celebrating the positive stories of immigration.

Our aims are to:

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  • Bring communities together through sharing stories.
  • Raise the awareness of why people emigrate (past and present) to other countries.
  • Challenge negative stereotypes about immigration often promoted in the press.
  • Promote tolerance and cohesion by exploring what unites us.

Our plans with your stories

  • We will share stories on various social media channels.
  • We will partner with key organisations and seek their support.
  • We will work towards developing an e-book and donate profits to tackle hate crime.
  • We will share our stories to promote a tolerant society that celebrates our diverse heritage and backgrounds.

Email your stories by 3st July  2017 to:

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38652736 - travel or tourism concept. passport, airplane, airtickets and destination sign on the map. 3dGuidelines for contributors 

  1. Please keep your story to 1000 to 1500 words.
  2. Use at least font size 11.
  3. Submit via Microsoft Word.
  4. Story to be submitted in English.
  5. Keep the story suitable for a family audience.

Terms and conditions 

  1. Editors at Asian Mums Network reserve the right to edit any grammatical errors or reduce the word count.
  2. Asian Mums Network reserves the right to ask contributors to amend content if it is deemed as unsuitable or withdraw it all together.
  3. Asian Mums Network will not publish offensive or discriminatory material.
  4. Asian Mums Network  will seek your written permission before sharing on social media or publishing the e-book.35466920 - the word "family" written in wooden letterpress type.

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