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Juicing has been part of my life for the past year. Earlier, after reading health & lifestyle articles about it, I decided to give my body a reboot by drinking healthy juices (made by me) for 3 days. Every juice was different , giving my body the nutrients I needed. Days 1 and 2 were fine…but I’m not going to lie- day 3 was quite tough. BUT I felt great afterwards, which made it all worth it.

I don’t see it as a way to lose weight, I see it as a way of cleansing your body. It is hard to describe, but my skin looks better, my body feels clean and lean…you just feel better all around.

Let’s be honest- it is not easy to be health conscious and cleanse when you are traveling, stressed and working all day. Juices are supposed to be made fresh before you drink them, but how can you do that if you are sat in an office all day? Or, in my case, I am never usually in the same place at the same time. I can’t exactly take the juicer with me everywhere I go- plus fruit & veg. Sometimes it just doesn’t work into your life.

That’s why I was happy when I found out that a small company in Barcelona had caught onto the practicality issues of juicing & decided to make life easy for us. I don’t ramble very much, and I don’t use my blog as an advertising site. I will say right now that Dietox haven’t paid me to write this.

I had to fly to Barcelona for a few days, and decided I would try out Dietox’s one day treatment last Thursday. I was so happy with the treatment that I have written a post for those of you who are interested in my experience with juicing, and juicing with Dietox. Click “read more” to read all about it.


1. Good Morning.

I wake up and decide not to drink it until I feel hungry, which is exactly at 9am. It tastes really good & I feel immediately full.


2. Chocolate break. 

I am running errands in the city. Juice nº2 tastes a bit like chocolate (a nice surprise) & keeps me going through the morning. I drink it at 12 and sip it slowly, as it is quite rich.


3. After my power walk.

Juicing is not supposed to get in the way of your workout regime, since your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to function through the juices. As you know, I’m training for a half marathon that takes place next week, so sticking to a workout is crucial. I chose to power walk instead of run, this means I am training without using up all my energy. Juice nº3- which tastes a bit like Gazpacho- hits the spot once I’ve finished.

Sense títolhh

4. Whilst I get ready. 

I am going to dj at an in-store Levi’s event from 6pm to 10pm, so I have taken juices number 4 & 5 with me. I drink 4 whilst I’m setting everything up and getting my make-up done.


5. Little break. 

I feel like early evening is the toughest time of the day. I’ve had a long one, plus standing for a few hours. It doesn’t help that I can smell fresh-made waffles from the store next door. But then I think of the benefits my body will feel the next day. I grab juice nº5 & sip  it slowly so that it will keep me full.


6. Before Bed.

I am finally home. It is the perfect time for juice nº6. I don’t want to drink it just before bed, but enough so that I will go to bed not feeling hungry. It tastes like banana bliss.

You realize the treatment is worth it when you wake up the next day: your belly is flat and you feel great- and you are not even that hungry.

It is good to give your body a break from time to time. I try to make juicing a weekly to fortnight habit (depending on the kind of week I’m having), and Dietox has proved to be excellent for days when you simply don’t have time to make them (plus I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t hate cleaning out the juicer).

My recommendation would definitely be to try juice cleansing, even once a month is enough. There are so many recipe books with different juices and combinations (you will find most juices taste quite good). Wether you do it yourself or decide to go with Dietox- or combine both options from time to time (like me)- you will feel better for it.


Written By Laura Hayden



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