Sugary Foods Leave UK Children Facing Tooth Decay ‘Crisis’

“Senior dental surgeon calls for cigarette packet-style health warnings on packaging of sweets and fizzy drinks” British children face a tooth decay “crisis” with huge numbers needing to have teeth removed under general anaesthetic, according to a senior dental surgeon. Professor Nigel Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, also called for… Read More

Three Tips for Over-50s to Safely Keep Fit

It seems that 2015 is the year of the fitness New Year’s resolution. From park-hosted boot camp classes to CrossFit for kids, everyone is hitting the gym harder than ever before. With diabetes and heart disease afflicting the Asian community due to a combination of genetics and diet, fitness could not be more pertinent to… Read More

Ailments Asians are Prone to and Why

Asians have very distinct lifestyles. Much of our free time revolves around socializing with family and friends, cooking and of course eating. As a result the diaspora has developed a pattern of health conditions directly correlating to this lifestyle. The good news is that many of these maladies are preventable and treatable if caught early.… Read More