Interview with Conor Ibrahiem director of Freesia

Asian Mum’s Network is passionate about seeing dramas and screenplays that represent the depth, complexity and humanity of our diverse communities. Leaving a creative footprint and a positive legacy for our future generations is not optional but essential for the survival of ethnic minority communities who have been part of the fabric of the UK for… Read More

Top Countries to Live in Europe

Apart from the affordable cost of living, Europe is also a place for impressive architectural structure, diverse culture, spectacular public transport system and an active economy. In case you are recently contemplating about relocating to Europe, here are some of the recommendations of the experts. Best Place to Live in Europe Belgium Brussels, Belgium is… Read More

Identity Theft – The Risks and the Solutions

18266850 – thief with glove stealing wallet through a computer screen concept of internet crime Identity theft is quickly becoming the Britain’s fastest-growing technique used by criminals to carry out their activity. Basically, it involves unauthorised access to sensible personal information such in order to conduct a crime on your behalf or to steal something… Read More

Sofia Olins – Film Director, Mum And The Challenges For Women In Film

Sofia Olins, film director talks to Asian Mums Network about the challenges of balancing a career in filmmaking and motherhood. London-based Sofia Olins is an award-winning director who has worked on several big budget feature films and television including the IT Crowd, Peep Show and Bridget Jones. Though with a five-year-old boy and expecting her… Read More