Jasvinder Sanghera CBE Interview – Activist, Campaigner and Founder of Karma Nirvana

“My mission hasn’t changed in 25 years, this was to increase reporting, reduce isolation and save lives.  The vision was to break the silences of the many thousands silenced by honour abuses and forced marriages.  The values of sheer determination and to speak about the issues with conviction, truths and commitment drives Karma Nirvana.” –… Read More

Survey Results: Understanding Social Media And Internet Devices

  Over the last year, we ran an Internet Safety campaign and survey for parents. We targeted women’s groups in hard to research communities and offered internet safety session on security, terminologies, social media, grooming, exploitation and radicalisation in order to help women build their knowledge and digital resilience. The survey was completely anonymous as we wanted to find… Read More

FATE Paris Conference April 2016

Families Against Terrorism and Extremism (FATE) is an umbrella organisation founded by the Quilliam Foundation bringing together grassroots organisations from across Europe in the fight against extremism and terrorism.  FATE is addressing the issue that very little focus has been given in the past by law enforcement or policy makers to whole family approaches and… Read More