Qisetna – Talking Syria

(Syrian Artist & Hakawati Bassam Dawood (left) and Dima Mekdad (right) performing at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2015.) Qisetna – Talking Syria is a non-political platform which evolved to create a safe and inclusive space for Syrians to share their stories and keep the memory and culture of Syria alive.   It was founded… Read More

Fighting Hate Crime – What Can We Do?

Have you ever wondered why people discriminate or commit hate crime? Have you ever felt powerless to do anything about it? Gordon Allport was an American psychologist who in the 1950’s studied the societal conditions and human behaviours that could lead to genocide. He also explored the circumstances which permit individuals in society to carry… Read More

What You Need To Know About Stop35K

The UK government are about to remove approximately 40,000 Tier 2 skilled workers who do not earn over £35,000 pounds per annum. This number includes teachers, IT workers, artist, musicians, charity workers, scientist, university lecturers, and researchers, basically, people who contribute to our nation’s richness and form the very fabric of our society. The legal… Read More