Volunteering & Internships Abroad Guide for Students by Karen Marquis

Regardless if you would like to study abroad because your course is dealing with a foreign language or Political Science or you would like to take competitive internship opportunities, it is not an easy choice that contains several challenges. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, one can see that 21.6% of undergraduate students in… Read More

Harpz Kaur Interview – Dream Big Desi Women Campaign

How has cricket helped you to dream big? Cricket has helped me in many ways and played a huge part in my life growing up.  My Dad took us to many matches and used to make us play in the school fields and even in the driveway using the wheely bin as the stumps!  It… Read More

Christianne Boudreau – Amazing Women Changing the World

This month’s amazing woman changing the world is Christianne Boudreau founder of Mothers for Life. Christianne was personally affected by the impact of radicalization processes in her own family.  She gives her own time and experiences to support other families facing similar challenges. Christianne shares her story while advising other mothers and policymakers on prevention and intervention strategies for… Read More

Be Internet Citizens Training Programme

Be Internet Citizens training program developed by ISD, Google and YouTube. The impact of radicalisation and violent extremism has a devastating effect on our communities.  Terror attacks not only lead to the loss of life, it tears our society apart, and leaves scars for generations creating an environment of distrust between communities. It is within this environment… Read More

Asian Mums Network and Internet Safety

Asian mums work is currently carrying out a survey targeted at women and mums to gauge the knowledge and behaviours with regards to Internet safety awareness in the household. Mothers are already feeding back that it can be hard to manage the online attitude and behaviours of teenagers and in particular when they are gaming.… Read More

EU Better Internet for Kids #SaferInternet4EU

February 6, 2018, marked safer Internet day across the globe.  Gabriel Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society launched an EU wide series of initiatives entitled #SaferInternet4EU. This means that throughout 2018 Internet safety campaigns and initiatives from across Europe will work with children young people parent’s teachers and strive to empower communities to be responsible… Read More

Join the Internet Safety Campaign for Mums

Cyber Safe Zone and Alhambra Women’s Network – Internet Safety Awareness project launched this year – 2018. We want to make mums, grandmothers and women from as many communities as possible, social media and tech-savvy. Women and parents are increasingly being left out in the digital world our children navigate this world like internet natives. The… Read More

Had a baby in the last 3 years?

***Had a baby in the last 3 years? Get involved and share your experiences to help transform maternity care*** The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has a Women and Families Involvement Group that forms part of our work around the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit (NMPA). This group, which consists equally of representatives… Read More

Zohra – The Afghan Women’s Orchestra

Zohra which derives from the word goddess of music in Persian is an all-female  Afghan orchestra.  On January 24, 2017, Zohra played to more than 1000 international leaders at the world economic forum at Davos in Switzerland. Afghanistan has a 1000-year-old musical heritage however under the Taliban Afghans were banned from listening to or even… Read More