5 Toys Kids Love Right Now

5 Toys Kids Love Right Now Need to buy a gift for a child in your life or are looking to start your birthday or seasonal shopping early but have no idea where to start? Fads are constantly changing and kids tend to have short attention spans, so keeping up with what they are into… Read More

Ways to Calm Kids Down Before Bedtime

Three Ways to Calm Kids Down Before Bedtime It’s been a long day and you’re looking forward to enjoying an hour or so of peace and quiet once the kids go to bed. Unfortunately, the kids are still running a million miles a minute and going to sleep is the last the thing on their… Read More

Anita Badhwar – Author Of The Little Princess Rani Kids’ Book Series

An Interview  With  Anita Badhwar –  Author of The Little Princess Rani Kids’ Book Series AMN: How did you become a children’s author? AB: When my kids were younger, I tried finding books for them about South Asian culture but came up empty handed.  I was really disappointed to see that there was a real… Read More

Bollywood Actress Mums

Working mums are amazing superpowers who manage to work 24 hours a day balancing a whole host of issues no matter how challenging or hectic life gets. As such we have to multitask taking care of children, career, friends and family. This is particularly true if you happen to be a famous Bollywood actress. In… Read More

This Floating School in Bangladesh Is Giving Girls Access To Education

I have friends who spent part of their education sailing around the world. They learned about other cultures, traveled to different countries, and gained knowledge far from the standard curriculum of most educations. In my experience, I have known this type of education as a privilege reserved for those that can afford the high cost… Read More