School Summer Holidays Reduced To Just Four Weeks

So… here we all are. Six (or maybe even seven) glorious long weeks of school summer holidays. It’s what we all look forward to – isn’t it? Not according to some parents who asked their kids’ schools to reduce the long summer break to just four weeks. And to their surprise, the schools agreed. Two… Read More

Sugary Foods Leave UK Children Facing Tooth Decay ‘Crisis’

“Senior dental surgeon calls for cigarette packet-style health warnings on packaging of sweets and fizzy drinks” British children face a tooth decay “crisis” with huge numbers needing to have teeth removed under general anaesthetic, according to a senior dental surgeon. Professor Nigel Hunt, dean of the Royal College of Surgeons’ dental faculty, also called for… Read More

Asian Mum’s Network Love Grandmothers

This page is for the all the best grandmothers in the world to network, discover interesting information, make new friends, learning new things and keep fit and healthy both mentally and physically at such at important time in your life. Being a grandmother of Asian origin in the UK comes with its own set of… Read More