Bread Paneer Rolls

Spicy bread Paneer rolls are great as an appetizer and a tasty compliment for afternoon tea. This is very easy and quick recipe to make. Paneer, is an Indian cheese also known as chena that is liked by all and used in many dishes. Bread paneer rolls are made with spiced paneer rolled in bread.… Read More

8 Reasons to Quit Drinking Soda

You’ve probably been drinking soda since you were a kid. Whether you call it pop, soda, or anything else, it is served in every restaurant and sold at every store. Soda is sweet, delicious, addictive, and it can (and does) spell disaster for your health. There are plenty of reasons to give up soda for… Read More

Mango Panna Cotta

  Mango panna cotta is a delicious, easy, light and refreshing dessert. Mango and coconut milk together makes it a layered, tempting vegan delight that is hard to resist. Ingredients: for Cream Layer 1 can (14 oz) coconut milk unsweetened 1/4 cup sugar 1teaspoon vanilla extract 1-1/2 teaspoon agar-agar for Mango Layer 1-1/2 cup mango puree,… Read More

Best Ever Chocolate Cake Recipes

Triple Chocolate Caramel Cake This beautiful chocolate caramel cake is what’s known as an ‘ombre’ cake; each layer sports a different shade, using dark chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel. butter 500g, at room temperature, plus a little for the tins golden caster sugar 400g Billington’s dark muscovado 100g eggs 10 buttermilk 200ml plain flour 250g… Read More

Paella Recipe

I haven’t had paella in Spain, but if I ever hit up Valencia I know paella will be on my must eat list. Paella has bits of everything I love: rice, seafood, and most importantly, crispy burnt parts. Not everyone is into that toasted rice flavour, but I think the socarrat is the best part.… Read More

Wahaca: Not Much Fire In The Belly

Wahaca is the brainchild of Thomasina Miers, winner of TV’s MasterChef 2005. Ms Miers is a woman with her heart embedded in the Sierra Madre, and her taste-buds tinglingly attuned to Mexican food. The front window of Wahaca boasts the words “MEXICAN MARKET EATING” in mile-high letters, above picturesque sacks of dried chillies. Downstairs, in… Read More

7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before a Workout

Have you heard the expression, “You are what you eat?” No matter what exercises you do or how often, what you eat is very important to your health and appearance. Moreover, sometimes the things you eat can even have a direct effect on how your workout goes. According to Jim White, R.D., “Putting the wrong things… Read More

Momos: Taste Of Nepal

Momos – (Dumplings) Meat or Vegetable Filled Momo Momos are bite-size dumplings with a meat or vegetable filling, wrapped in a dough accompanied by spicy dipping sauce. When it comes to simple, delicious, one-meal dishes of Nepal, you can’t beat the famous MOMOSम:म:  served with a variety of dipping sauces. A traditional serving of meat-filled… Read More

Indali Lounge: N.1 Healthiest Indian Restaurant In The UK

Where: Baker Street Cuisine: Indian (Healthy) Swank Levels: Beyond swanky. This is evident from the moment you see the exterior. It stands on what is a rather bland Baker Street and Indali Lounge definately stands out from the crowd. Using purple and blue hues on the inside and out the design of this restaurant is… Read More