‘Cool Kids’ Can Go On To Become Losers In Later Life, Study Finds

Popular Children Can Be More Likely To Experience Problems As Adults Being the “cool kid” might seem ideal at school but it can land you in difficulties later on in life, according to a new study. The work, “Whatever Happened to the Cool Kids?”, was published in the journal Child Development by researchers at the… Read More

Asian Mum’s Network Interviews Shweta Aggarwal Children’s Author Of Dev And Ollie: Kite Crazy!

Asian Mum’s Network interviewed Shweta Aggarwal children’s author of Dev and Ollie. This is a magical tale of kite crazy Dev and his owl Ollie. Vibrant, colourful and informative, this beautifully illustrated book can be enjoyed not only by children but also adults and is available on Amazon:  Dev and Ollie: Kite Crazy! “Dev, a… Read More

Older Siblings Have Higher IQs

“Huge study suggests first-borns are that little bit smarter” Sibling rivalry can be a scourge for many families. But now new research has poured fuel on the fire by revealing that older siblings have higher IQs. However, whilst first-borns are technically smarter – they aren’t ahead by much. The study found that whilst older siblings have… Read More

School Summer Holidays Reduced To Just Four Weeks

So… here we all are. Six (or maybe even seven) glorious long weeks of school summer holidays. It’s what we all look forward to – isn’t it? Not according to some parents who asked their kids’ schools to reduce the long summer break to just four weeks. And to their surprise, the schools agreed. Two… Read More