Busy Mum! The Advantages of Working From Home

The opportunity to work from home without actually stepping out of one’s door can be a great way to achieve work-life balance. It’s such an incredible opportunity to manage both your career and home plus save on costly train tickets and travel time too. So, thanks to technology and the introduction of the internet, high-speed broadband and a device called a “RAS” (Remote Access Service), working from is now easier than ever. You can choose to showcase your expertise right in front of the PC and get paid for it.  That’s if you employer has work from home or flexible working policies.

It is a golden chance that women, parents and carers have longed for, to maintain the correct balance between career, family and the home. Here is what many mums who work from home say about the experience:

  1. Working from home is such a golden chance, I’d give anything to get. I am in control of time, and I’m always there when my kids need me.
  2. I have become more productive without having to watch over my shoulders if my boss is around.
  3. I take my office with me wherever I go.
  4. I get to save more on travel, go to the gym get to dinner with my kids.
  5. It’s like I am my own boss.
  6. I choose when to work, eat and play.
  7. I make my hours count; I can volunteer, exercise and many more.
  8. There is less pressure; I don’t have to wait for instructions. It’s just me and my business etc.

There are lots of things that mums can engage in right from the comfort of their home, they can choose to freelance or find family friendly companies that have considerations for mums, dads and carers that prefer to work from home.

There are many companies out there with flexible, family-friendly policies, for 30 + 2mums, dads and carers alike who wish to either work in the office, from home or a bit of both. Many small to large companies have gender sensitive working practices included in their policies, and are willing to consider their employees’ personal life (mums, dads and carers in particular). They believe that it is essential to retain the best talent and skills, so allowing a balance between employees’ career and personal life is a must.

Unfortunately, there are still companies that either don’t implement work from home policies fairly or offer no alternative to the traditional the 9 to 5 office scenario. Not realising that flexible working can bring a whole host of benefits to retention and productivity.

Check out more about flexible working on GOV UK (information only applicable to the UK)

It might be worth checking out some of the big players and their gender/family friendly, flexible working practices and see whether they would suit you:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Walt Disney
  • Google
  • Motorola
  • Ford
  • American Express

See more family friendly UK based organisations at:

Working Mums

In conclusion, working from home is a right and smart move for mums because it has lots of advantages that can help us to achieve work-life balance and not have to choose either. The feeling that you can work independently and the opportunity to spend time with family has it all. It’s the best way to go.

Author: Asian Mums Network mum blogger

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