Starting Your Own Business – Top Tips To Stop The Mind Monkey

Are you a woman with a great business idea? Many women consider running their own business because they recognize that it provides them with the flexibility and freedom to manage their own career path, their own finances and the family, something an employee situation doesn’t always offer them. If you are women or mum considering… Read More

“Dirty Paki Lingerie” New Dates!

Stories of Muslim American women in the hit play – Dirty Paki Lingerie.  Last May 2015, Asian Mum’s Network went to see “Dirty Paki Lingerie” at the RichMix Theatre (East London’s Independent Art’s Venue). Aizzah Fatima is a former ads engineer at Google who swapped her career at Google for a life in the arts.… Read More

Busy Mum! The Advantages of Working From Home

The opportunity to work from home without actually stepping out of one’s door can be a great way to achieve work-life balance. It’s such an incredible opportunity to manage both your career and home plus save on costly train tickets and travel time too. So, thanks to technology and the introduction of the internet, high-speed… Read More

Healthy Food Blogs for 2016

Get Fit For 2016 with These Delicious and Healthy Food Bloggers You’re still not too late to turn over a new leaf with these amazing healthy food blogs. Remember health is wealth and sound health is all you need to continue the rest of what will be an amazing year. While 2015 was exciting with… Read More