Mother’s Day Around the World – 2020

Mother’s Day Around the World Mother’s Day is a special day set aside in celebration of mothers all over the world.  Across the globe as we celebrate this special day over the next few months, many of us will never forget Mother’s Day 2020 as an unprecedented year to remember how precious our mothers are… Read More

Christianne Boudreau – Amazing Women Changing the World

This month’s amazing woman changing the world is Christianne Boudreau founder of Mothers for Life. Christianne was personally affected by the impact of radicalization processes in her own family.  She gives her own time and experiences to support other families facing similar challenges. Christianne shares her story while advising other mothers and policymakers on prevention and intervention strategies for… Read More

Interview with Conor Ibrahiem director of Freesia

Asian Mum’s Network is passionate about seeing dramas and screenplays that represent the depth, complexity and humanity of our diverse communities. Leaving a creative footprint and a positive legacy for our future generations is not optional but essential for the survival of ethnic minority communities who have been part of the fabric of the UK for… Read More

Be Internet Citizens Training Programme

Be Internet Citizens training program developed by ISD, Google and YouTube. The impact of radicalisation and violent extremism has a devastating effect on our communities.  Terror attacks not only lead to the loss of life, it tears our society apart, and leaves scars for generations creating an environment of distrust between communities. It is within this environment… Read More

Asian Mums Network and Internet Safety

Asian mums work is currently carrying out a survey targeted at women and mums to gauge the knowledge and behaviours with regards to Internet safety awareness in the household. Mothers are already feeding back that it can be hard to manage the online attitude and behaviours of teenagers and in particular when they are gaming.… Read More