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Everything started last year when from Asian Mums Network and Cyber-Safe Zone, we launched an Internet Safety program in order to provide Internet safety training to mums from all different backgrounds. With the knowledge they acquire after the training and online education, they can feel secure on Internet, be aware of the most common online issues and protect their children and families with any online situation they might be facing. Therefore, on our Cyber Safe Zone website, we exposed through several multilingual articles, campaigns and parental guides, the main concerns online – Exploitation, Extremism & Radicalisation, Gaming, Grooming and Online Bullying.


On Asian Mums Network and Cyber-Safe Zone, we think that all mums, from all different backgrounds, should have access to this Internet Safety training and get the right knowledge about social media, online platforms, and have an understanding about the main issues going on online in the best way. Hence, we are providing this training in a wide range of languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Arabic, Somali and Gujarati. We will also soon provide it in Spanish and Turkish or any other languages that our diverse communities represent.


Two of the most relevant partner showcase events we hosted over the past year were London at the Canvas Cafe in December with attendees from the police, local authorities and also charities that support women’s organisations. Our first event was at the Google Digital Garage in Manchester in October which was attended by charities, youth and women organisations, as well as members of the police and the Manchester Mayor’s office.



We’ve also trained women in Manchester, Bolton, South East London, Gravesend, Romford and Penge. All of them from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and languages. We have explored issues such as security, social media risks, terminologies and grooming.


We aim to explore the complexities of grooming and exploitation by making our training as accessible as possible with a range of simple resources, multi-language videos and a facilitated workshop with a range of activities.


Throughout this Internet Safety Week, we will also be posting articles and video resources in a different language every day. For instance, today is the Bengali which you will be able to find on the front page of this side and it will be also linked to a Youtube channel. Other languages to follow will be Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Somali.


This year we are planning more training, resources, a short multilingual film on grooming and radicalisation and a play as a tool for parents to discuss online dangers.


Parents Guide to Gaming


We still need still data from as many mums, grandmothers, carers and parents as possible so please do fill in the Internet Safety Survey here which is completely anonymous.


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