Are There Advantages of Kindle Over Books?

As parents, you want your children to develop a love for, words, stories, and books. However are you a parent that would hesitate before buying your child a Kindle?
Are words are best enjoyed in physical form or should you consider giving your child an e-reader, iPad or  Kindle?  Below are some of the 13251018_lreasons why some readers prefer Kindle over books. You can use a Kindle share e-books with you whole family. Amazon allows you to have a family library of e-books

“With Family Library, you can link two Amazon accounts to share books across select Amazon devices and supported Kindle reading apps. Content from both Amazon accounts can also be added to up to four child profiles. Help for Kindle Oasis (8th Generation), Kindle Voyage (7th Generation), Kindle Paperwhite (7th Generation), Kindle (7th Generation) and Kindle Paperwhite (6th Generation).”


The Kindle is lightweight, and yet it can store as many books as you can read in a month, or even a year. It is perfect if you and your family travel a lot, and if any of the family want to read during trips. And because it weighs anything from 131 to 575 grams, it is the better alternative to carrying three to four books for the trip. And you can carry your entire library with you, wherever you will go. Instead of just a single book, you literally have thousands of books in your hands.


Another advantage of a Kindle over books is that the former provides masses of convenience. For instance, you or you children want to read a particular book, you don’t need to go out and drive to the bookstore. You don’t even need to wait for Amazon to deliver the book to your doorsteps. As long as your Kindle is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, you or any member of your family can read whatever book you want to, whenever and wherever you might be.

Books Purchases are Cheaper9771188_l

When you use a Kindle, you can get books much cheaper than in traditional sources. More often than not, the e-book version of a new release is less expensive. This is because the digital form doesn’t have the same expenses as printing compared to an actual book.

Lots of Free Classic Novels

Parents will be happy to know that there are lots of free novels ready to download. You can also find a lot of books for free, even if they are not considered classics. Just make sure that you screen the books you let your kids read to make sure the content is appropriate.

10393409_lShare Without Regrets

The best thing about Kindle is that an Amazon account allows you to share what you are reading. The Kindle lets you combine two adult accounts for you and your spouse, and four children profiles. This is the best way to introduce the love of reading among your children.


So those are some of the  reasons why a Kindle is preferred over books. There’s no better way to read books today than with a Kindle. While reading a physical book is still one of the best activities around, reading with the use of an e-book reader is more convenient. And that’s why a Kindle is a must-have gadget for bookworms of all ages.

Things you may want to know about a Kindle:

1. You can register as many Kindles and Kindle apps as you like on one account.
2. Any one book can be downloaded onto up to 6 different devices.
3. You can download as many times as you like to the same device it counts only once.

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