Anita Badhwar – Author Of The Little Princess Rani Kids’ Book Series

An Interview  With  Anita Badhwar –  Author of The Little Princess Rani Kids’ Book Series

AMN: How did you become a children’s author?

AB: When my kids were younger, I tried finding books for them about South Asian culture but came up empty handed.  I was really disappointed to see that there was a real lack of diversity in children’s literature. So I began thinking about writing and developing a South Asian children’s book series that focused on India, Indian culture and festivals in a fun, yet educational manner.  My hope is thatIMG_5291 the Little Princess Rani series can be used as a tool by parents and educators to help explain Indian culture and festivals.

AMN: What is the inspiration behind “The Little Princess Rani Kids’ Books?” 

AB: The inspiration behind the Rani Celebrates Holi book, (published in 2015) was my daughter, Divya. She is now ten years old, but when she was younger, she did not actually like the idea of getting messy while celebrating the festival of Holi.  In Rani Celebrates Holi, Rani’s pet elephant, Bindi, is very clean. She does not like to get messy, but Rani has a plan that will convince Bindi to participate in the Holi fun.

AMN: What is the public’s reaction to your Little Princess Rani Kids’ Book Series?

AB: The public reaction to the Little Princess Rani series has been wonderful. I’ve done readings at the local library and have made classroom visits, and I find that the children have a lot of questions related to the topics of the books. Also, kids really like the illustrations. One child asked me, “Is India really that colourful?” which is exactly what I want to convey through my illustrations! I want children and adults to get a good understanding of India through both my writing and illustrations.IMG_5633

AMN: What challenges have you faced as a writer?

AB: I find that topics related to Indian culture and festivals can be very complicated to explain. So the challenge in writing kids books of this nature is to capture the essence of the festival or topic that is being

AMN: Which writers inspire you?

AB: I am inspired by Victoria Kann, author of the Pinkalicious series, Ludwig Bemelmans, author of the Madeline series, and of course, the Dr. Seuss!

AMN: What was your favourite book when you were a child?

AB: It would have to be any books in the Madeline series. I love the stories and adore the illustrations!

AMN: What advice would you give other aspiring children’s authors?

AB: I would advise researching your topic. If you don’t have a topic, I would advise aspiring authors to speak with educators and parents to get ideas for topics.

AMN:  What do you think of self-publishing versus approaching a traditional publisher?IMG_4387

AB: I think self-publishing is wonderful because now the public has more choices in books and writers still have an opportunity to publish their work, even if their work is not picked up by a traditional publisher.

AMN: What is your biggest success to date as a writer?

AB: To date, my biggest success is the Rani Saves Diwali book.

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