An Interview with Noreen Khan founder of NESSIE

What is Neesie and why did you set it up?

NEESIE is a grassroots organisation providing a platform for Single Mothers and their children to grow independently and better their lives.  We facilitate prosperity through our dedicated support mechanisms and extensive partnership working with local communities, school, and public and private sector organisations.

NEESIE connects with an individual from a broad spectrum of society and diverse backgrounds. We are an organisation that is striving to be a catalyst for change and advocating for the Human Rights and freedom of choice for Single Mothers.

To fulfill our objectives, we look towards developing innovative and creative interventions that will have long term sustainable impacts.  We are committed to developing and tailoring solutions for Single Mothers throughout Bradford District. However, our boundaries are not limited, hence our national and International presence through mutual partnership working.

NEESIEs’ ultimate aim is to build capacity among single mothers to ensure their full and active participation in society.  This is done through Reassurance of understandings and empathy of situations; Development through tailored interventions; and Progress within society, moving towards active engagement, social integration, and participation.  We have the mean, ambition and enthusiasm to provide strong foundations that encourage resilient communities.

How many people have you helped and can you give us some examples of their stories?

Since Feb 2016 Neesie has engaged and supported with 655 single mothers and women with children, as well as helping 5 of those women back into work.  Neesie has learned of many factors that challenge women with children on a daily basis, from zero hour contracts to childcare issues, absent fathers and general unawareness of many facilities out there available for these women who are disengaged from society.  Poverty, emotional stress and anxiety play a huge part in many of these mothers’ lives, and through Neesie’s interventions, we look to provide opportunities to support women with children on a path to prosperity removing any uncomfortable taboos and stigmas along the way.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey, (family, friends, moving from Scotland, etc.!) 

I have a strong passion for developing communities and building resilience in all spheres of community life.  I am well travelled professional and have worked in all areas of cross-cultural and transformational development for multi-national corporations, businesses, and communities throughout the world.  I am a professional compare and public speaker and formally a presenter on television and radio.

What message would you like to send to our readership?

Neesie a collective effort, and is only as successful as it is due to the collaborate efforts of service providers.  Our unique Needs Analysis enables us to prepare tailor made solutions for our women, albeit housing support, emotional and well-being help or employment advice; we can connect you to any and all areas that you feel acts as a barrier towards your personal progression.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and Neesie will endeavor to support you fully.

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