Ailments Asians are Prone to and Why

asian healthAsians have very distinct lifestyles. Much of our free time revolves around socializing with family and friends, cooking and of course eating. As a result the diaspora has developed a pattern of health conditions directly correlating to this lifestyle. The good news is that many of these maladies are preventable and treatable if caught early. Here’s what you need to know:

Diabetes & Heart Disease

 According to the NHS, Asians are six times more likely to have diabeties than the general population. Coronary heart disease is also common being twice as high than average. This is partially due to genetics but diet and lifestyle also play huge roles. Solution: Try to include 20 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. Anything that brings your heart rate up and causes you to break a sweat counts!

Smoking and Tobacco Chewing

Asians have culturally enjoyed shisha, smoking bidi and chewing paan for centuries. It is only in recent decades the harmful and addicting effects of these vices have become known.  Solution: Fighting addiction is not an easy task, but visiting your local NHS clinic will provide you with safer options from gums to patches to other non-harmful anti-nicotine aids.

 Travelling Abroad

There are many serious ailments that continue to plague our home countries. From Typhoid to Malaria, many of these diseases even make their way back to the UK unbeknownst to their traveller hosts. Solution: Visiting your doctor prior to travelling can not only arm you with the medications necessary to treat these potentially deadly sicknesses, but can also assist you in preventing infection in the first place.    

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