7 Healthy Habits To Do Before Bedtime

Life is too short to be tired all the time. In order to increase the quality of your sleep by squeezing as much rest and energy out of every hour in your bed, follow these wonderful tips that will help you to relax and feel ready to start as fresh as possible the next day ahead.

Therefore, in this post I am going to write about something that can change your sleeping routine, facilitate your life, your energy levels as well as your quality of sleep. If you find it hard to fall asleep and you keep waking up with the feeling that you don’t feel rested, these 7 healthy habits can be really useful for all of you:

  1. Plan the following day: Make a list with all the things that you need to do for tomorrow. All of us tend to find it hard to fall asleep because most of the times we keep thinking: I can’t forget to do this tomorrow! Then, this tends to distract us and we lose the balance we need to go to bed. Consequently, if you plan everything for the next day, it can change everything. The stress is even reduced in the morning. Moreover, you can also prepare the clothes you will wear for the next day, the lunch, breakfast, and so on.
  2. Wait a minimum of 2 hours after dinner to go to bed: In this way you’ll avoid to have slow, heavy digestions that won’t let you sleep.
  3. Switch off or disconnect any electronic devices: It is proven that by switching off the wifi, turning on the airplane mode on your phones (unless you prefer to switch them off) and turning off your computer, gives you a much better quality of sleep. Moreover, it avoids an excess of harmful radiations. It is not recommended to spend hours and hours looking at Instagram or Youtube because studies have shown that being exposed to the blue-and-white light given off by phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets at night prevents our brains from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies it’s night-time.
  4. Make a list of things you are thankful for: When we express gratitude we tend to be happier and most importantly, we clear out any bad thoughts and bad energy we might have from the day. This will lead us to a better sleep.
  5. Stretch: In order to relax, we need to stretch all muscles carefully. There’s nothing worst than going to bed with lower back or leg pain.
  6. Meditate: We are leaving in a chaotic world overloaded with information, excess of noises, stress, along with others. Stop for a moment, breathe deeply and try to keep your mind in pause. It is a really healthy exercise that all of us should practice daily. In this way, we will slightly reduce the activity that is circulating in our brains. You can practice this technique any moment of the day. But the best moment to do it is before bed. It makes you feel relaxed and with the levels of energy charged for the new day.
  7. Read a good book: Reading is a great exercise in a lot of different ways. You don’t just learn new things or make your brain travel to another universe, it makes you relax and feel sleepy. Hence, it facilitates a better sleep.


We hope you liked those tips and most importantly, if you try this sleeping routine, let us know how it works for you.




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