7 Gifts That Are Perfect For One Year Olds

Over the last year, you’ve watched your little one grow from a helpless baby
into a laughing, crawling, getting-into-everything toddler. Now it’s birthday time and you want to get your rambunctious one-year-old the perfect gift – something that is fun and will keep her attention, yet that is also educational and will help aid in her development. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven gifts that meet all the requirements for the perfect one-year-old gift.14779070_l

Shape Sorter

Your little one will have endless hours of fun learning which shape pieces fit into which holes. This classic toy has many developmental advantages, too. Playing with a shape sorter helps develop hand-eye coordination and teaches children that objects with the same properties go together. It can also be a good way for parents to work with their child on learning her shapes and colors.

Walking Toy

A push toy that your child stands and pushes from behind as they walk makes a great first birthday gift. A walking toy can help new walkers become more confident as they practice taking steps. And having something to hold on to as they walk helps them to be able to practice walking without the fear of falling down. With so many options to choose from, there is the perfect walking push toy out there for every one-year-old.

Toy Phone

Young toddlers love to imitate their parents talking on the phone, so getting them a toy phone of their own just makes sense. Plus, there is a development advantage to giving a one-year-old a toy phone as a gift – imitating the way people around them talk on the phone helps young toddlers develop language skills.


Blocks make a terrific gift for a one-year-old and helps in the development of hand-eye coordination as well as encourages creativity and can help teach colors. Don’t be surprised if he only bangs them together or throws them at first, before long he will begin stacking and building with them. Another great advantage to giving blocks as a gift to a one-year-old? He won’t outgrow them anytime soon, making it a toy that he can grow up with and play with for years to come.


A ball makes a perfect first birthday gift, as toddlers love playing with them and they help in developing their motor skills as they learn how to throw, bounce, kick, and even catch the ball. Plus it is a toy that they will not outgrow anytime soon, encourages exercise, and can get the whole family involved.

Nesting Bowls

Nesting bowls help work motor skills as well as gets those creative juices flowing. One-year-olds love figuring out how they all fit together – and then taking them apart and doing it all over again. This gift will keep her occupied for hours while helping her to use her imagination, refine her motor skills, and even begin to recognize different colors.

Musical Instrument Set

As long as you have ear plugs handy, toddler musical instrument sets will bring happiness to any one-year-old. Most toddler sets come with a variety of noise-making instruments such as a drum, maraca, and tambourine. Banging on a musical instrument can help with the development of hand-eye coordination and helps toddlers grasp the concept of cause and effect (i.e. If I hit this drum it makes a sound). Plus one-year-olds just really enjoy making noise.

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