5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy and Happy Over Holiday Breaks

Five Ways to Keep Kids Busy and Happy Over Holiday Breaks

The holidays are around the corner and while kids may routinely complain about having to go to school when they are out for any extended length of time, boredom can be quick to sink in. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to spend their entire break sitting in front of a television or on a tablet, so here are five ways to keep kids busy while encouraging them to have fun that is not attached to a screen.

Arrange Play Dates6245004_l (1)

Arrange as many play dates as you can over the holidays for your children. This not only gives them something to look forward to and keeps them busy, but it can also help to free up some time for yourself by taking turns hosting the dates with other parents.

Perform Science Experiments

Make a list of fun science experiments the kids can do at home. Encourage them to make a lava volcano or build a boat out of cardboard. You can find easy and fun experiments online at sites like Science Bob  and Science Kids and most of them use objects and ingredients you already have at home.

Make a Movie6271377_l

Encourage your children to write and star in their own movie. You can help them come up with a concept, make costumes and props, write a script, and then film the actual movie for them. They can send the movie to relatives and you will have a nice keepsake to cherish forever.

Make Bird Feeders

A fun art and craft project is to have your kids make bird feeders to hang around your yard. They will have fun making them and will love watching the birds enjoy them. Happy Hooligans has a list of 32 birdfeeder ideas, most of which use everyday household items to make.


Encourage your children to spend some of their break giving back to the community, whether it be by helping an elderly neighbor with yard work, volunteering to work at a soup kitchen, or holding a bake or garage sale to raise money for a local cause. Getting involved in giving back to the community can be a great experience for the entire family.

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