5 Reasons to Encourage Your Daughter to Play Sports

There are a number of reasons why it is good for girls to play sports and the benefits to being actively involved in a sports program reach far beyond just her health. From maintaining a healthy weight to her overall emotional well-being, here are five reasons why you should encourage your daughter to play sports.42140496_l

It’s Healthy    

Regular exercise is good not only for a girl’s body but also for her mind and overall feeling of happiness and well-being. This alone is reason enough to encourage participation in sports.

Sports Teach Teamwork

Learning how to work effectively with coaches and teammates can teach girls teamwork skills that will benefit them later in life, such as when they get into the workforce and are faced with having to work well with others. Being a part of a team can also help develop problem-solving skills and teach the art of compromising.

Girls Who Play Sports Do Better in School42144220_l

According to research, girls who participate in sports get better grades and are more likely to graduate than those who don’t play sports. This is credited to the fact that regular exercise is known to improve concentration, memory skills, and learning skills, which spills over into the classroom and puts them at an advantage.


It Boosts Their Self-Esteem

It has been proven that girls involved in sports tend to feel good about themselves – both physically and socially. This is contributed to staying in shape and having a close-knit group of friends through teammates.

There Are Other Surprising Health Benefits

In addition to staying fit and keeping a healthy weight, research has shown that girls who play sports regularly are less likely to smoke and have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer and osteoporosis later in life.33474456_l

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