5 Organisations in the UK to Help With Your Human Rights

There are a number of organizations in the UK that offer help and support to people whose human rights have been violated. Some of these organizations support individuals, if their human rights have been violated.  Upholding our human rights, holding our governments and institutions is essential.  However, we are not alone in our struggle for equality, and there are organizations who can help and assist us.

The Most Influential Human Rights Organisations in Britain

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is one of the most powerful national human rights organisations in the UK. It was established back in 2007 and operates across the UK independently of the British, Scottish and Welsh governments. The Commission, however, receives the majority of its funding from the Minister for Women and Equalities and although it closely works with the Government, it does carry out any duties or functions on its behalf. It fights discrimination, promotes equality and protects human rights.

The Equality Advisory and Support Service, also known as EASS, is another notable organisation in the UK that offers help and advises and assists people whose human rights have been violated. They protect the LGBT community, pregnant women, disabled individuals, as well as all minorities in the UK, including Asian families. They also offer support by providing an experienced advocate to help individuals who were a victim of discrimination.

Citizens Advice is an organisation that provides independent, confidential and impartial advice for free to people on their rights. Their main goal is to fight discrimination, promote equality and encourage diversity. Moreover, they use their clients’ stories to initiate positive changes in the British society. Citizens Advice is quite easily reachable, and individuals can call them, start a web chat, send them an email or visit one of their 3,500 offices.

Britain’s National Council for Civil Liberties, also known as Liberty, is one of the oldest human rights organisations in the UK. Founded back in 1934, it has been promoting equal treatment and individual human dignity across the country for decades now. It offers invaluable advices to people who have been victims of discrimination and unequal treatment. Liberty combines public campaigning, policy analysis, parliamentary work, and free information, in order to create a better society.

The British Institute of Human Rights, or BIHR, has been promoting and supporting human rights in Britain for more than 40 years now. With their advocacy work, they support both people and organisations and are at the heart of almost every campaign in the UK that encourages equality and fair treatment. The BIHR offers numerous research, education and advocacy services and does everything in its power to ensure that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is respected in Britain.

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