5 Lessons to Prepare Your Son to Be a Good Husband Someday

15335270_lIf there is one thing every mother wants for her son, it is for him to live a safe and happy life. One of the best ways to ensure that he receives all the happiness he deserves is to teach him the lessons he needs to know in order to be a generous, kind, and loving husband and father someday. Here are some of the lessons you should teach him now to help ensure that happens.

Teach Him to Be Kind to Others – Encourage him to always say a kind word, offer a helping hand, and offer support to a friend in need.

Teach Him to Be Generous – While it is good to teach your son to give generously to those in need or a cause he believes in when he can afford to, also be sure to teach him that generosity comes in many different forms. It can mean donating his time to work in a soup kitchen or help gather supplies for victims of a natural disaster, or donating some of his own items to help cover the needs of others less fortunate then he is.

Teach Him to Be a Hard Worker – A great way to start encouraging a good work ethic early in life is by assigning him chores. Chores are a great way to build self-worth and confidence while also learning the importance of a job well done. As he gets older encourage him to get a part-time job and explain the importance10093437_l of always putting his best foot forward.

Teach Him to Be a Good Listener – Being able to quiet the voice in his head and listen with an open mind and open heart to others is one of the best skills a man can possess.  Encourage your son to always take the time to listen openly and honestly to the needs of others and he will never want for friends.

Teach Him to Hold Himself Accountable – Throughout his childhood make it a point to teach your son that he and he alone is accountable for his actions and decisions. He is responsible for his attitude, his character, and the choices he makes and the better understanding he has of that, the higher the standard he will hold himself to.14335000_l

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