4 Tips For Making Your Own Baby Food

21352924_lMaking your own baby food is easier and more economical than you think. Baby food can be made from the same ingredients you feed your family every day, and you will know exactly what your baby is eating. If you are considering switching from commercially packaged baby food to making your own, here are some tips to help get you started.

Get the Right Equipment

There are many different options available as a tool to puree or grind food into baby food. A simple household blender can do the trick with most fruits and vegetables, but if you want something made specifically for baby food you can shop around for baby food makers. Look around and consider the best option for you.

Use Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide the best nutrients for your baby. Try to use the produce within a few days for best effect. If fresh produce is unavailable then frozen is a good substitute, just make sure to thaw it and cook it completely before processing it.

Freeze Leftovers

It’s important to prepare frozen produce as soon after purchase as possible. This is because nitrates increase in vegetables with storage time unless frozen, and ingesting nitrates can be harmful for a baby. For this reason, produce should be prepared soon after purchase and portioned out and frozen for later use.

Prepare the Food Properly51941664_l

Wash and cook vegetables before processing by boiling, baking, or steaming them until they are soft. Be sure to peel and remove any pits or seeds from fruit. Very soft fruits and vegetables don’t require any liquid and can be mashed with some seasoning. For tougher produce add some breast milk, formula, or water as you mash until you get the consistency you want. Remove the skin and trim away the fat from any meats before you cook them. Once cooked, you can grind the meat in a food processor with a little liquid.

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