3 Perfect Tablets For Grandparents

I can still remember how we teased my mother about her inability to operate a Skype video chat tool. As a grandmother, her lack of aptitude to understand technology does not necessarily make her a technophobe.  In fact, most  grandparents are interested in the latest technological innovations just like the generations of today, but the complexity of some gadgets is a huge barrier to understanding this ever-changing world of  the internet, mobile technology, and chat applications.  Tablets are a wonderful piece of technology,  easy to carry around in luggage, pockets and handbags and most of all, they allow our grandparents to connect with friend and relatives who live far away or abroad.  Their touch screen functions and ability to adapt the font for easy reading make them ideal for all ages.  To help grandparents with their needs, some companies have released tablets that are simple but functional.  Here are the top three of the ideal tablets for the grandparents.

Tablets for Our Grandparents

iPad MiniApple iPad mini MD531LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi Only, White / Silver)

Apple has been dedicated to creating an application and operating system that is simple and functional.  Their reliable interface and the selection of apps remain unparalleled in the business.  But what makes iPad Mini perfect for the older adults, why can’t it be the conventional iPad?

The primary concern of the older generation is the weight and size of  tablets.  The iPad Mini has a slimmer, smaller, and lighter feature compared to other gadgets in the market.  Grandparents may be suffering from joint pains and weakness.   Holding heavier and bigger gadget for a long time may be challenging, especially when they are reading something.

iPad Mini also comes at a reasonable price.  The display and the processor may be lacking compared to the standard tablet, but that is not an issue for the elderly since they may not be keen on playing games that take a considerable amount of memory space.

Kindle Fire 8.9

Kindle Fire 8.9 has a fast processor, amazing HD display, dual band and at a price of around $269, it is super reasonable.  It does not provide a huge selection of apps similar to iPad Mini; however, it provides a direct access to Amazon’s collection of movie and books.  Grandparents will definitely love the easy access to Amazon’s library.  They will never have to undergo a complex process just to find their favourite book or movie.

Nook HD+

When it comes to online book shopping, Amazon is on top of the food chain, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the presence of Barnes & Noble.  They also offer a table that is perfect for the senior citizens.  Most of the specifications of the Nook HD+ are similar with Kindle Fire; however, they are offering it at a much lower price ($149).  Barnes and Noble have a great collection of books that are similar to Amazon.  Unfortunately, the movies can only be accessed through Google play.  Nook HD+ also does not contain a camera that grandparents can use to have a video chat with their loved ones.

The list provided above does not necessarily mean that the other tablets are not ideal for the elderly.  The tablet that they  purchase should still be tailored according to the specific needs of every individual.  Other tablets like Samsung Note fulfil a certain function that will be suitable for a more tech-savvy senior citizen.

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